Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tris Wallow III Fixed

Tris Wallow III adds didn't despawn when failed and was three unmezzable wolf waves only. All should be fixed on live as of this morning (03-27-2006).

Tris's werewolf adds will come as 3 mezzable and 1 unmezzable every time instead of being random. The amount of time between her form changes will be a little more predictable as well.

The goal in these changes wasn't to make the fight easier, necessarily, simply more reliable.

Feedback indicated that success on the fight was a crapshoot, depending heavily on random components that were largely uncontrollable.

The spawns per wave per phase on Performer were increased to more closely match the original event:

Original encounter: Phase 1: 3, Phase 2: 4, Phase 3: 4, Phase 4: 5
Post PoR launch: Phase 1: 3, Phase 2: 3, Phase 3: 3, Phase 4: 4
Current day: Phase 1: 3, Phase 2: 4, Phase 3: 4, Phase 4: 4

My apologies for Tris being wacky over the weekend. It was something that didn't *quite* make it into an update on Friday of last week. Let me know if anything else seems unusual.

-Prathun (Sony EQ developer)

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