Thursday, July 09, 2015

Daybreak, All EQ, Down Due to Attack

All Daybreak websites are either down or extremely slow. EverQuest is down. The reason? It appears to be an attack.

Since the EQ forums are inaccessible, the only news is coming from social media.

Daybreak has posted very little information, only a few posts such as this post on Twitter:

We are currently investigating reported issues with connectivity both in-game and on our websites/forums. Thank you for your patience.

It appears likely that the game and EQ forums will be down for a while.

UPDATE July 10 11am EDT:  Two hours ago Daybreak announced that service was restored but then four minutes ago they said they are experiencing issues.   Access to Daybreak assets and games is still unreliable if not impossible.

UPDATE July 10 6:49pm EDT: It appears that Daybreak websites and games are up and running.