Monday, May 02, 2016

Chalandria's Fang Scenario Active Again in LoN

I just went into LoN to get my five free decks this month and checked for this and discovered it is live. No idea for how long.

[IMG]Chalandria's Fang is an item that will summon poison once every 20 hours. The poison for all level 105 classes except rogues is [IMG]Chalandria's Bite XVIII. Rogues may get a different (better) poison, however this needs to be confirmed. Lower level toons (exact level / reward is to be discovered) get a lesser poison.

It is a Legends of Norrath Spider Queen scenario loot item. The Spider Queen scenario has returned. If you win the scenario, you get Chalandria's Fang as the EQ loot item. Chalandria's Fang and the poison can not be traded.

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UPDATE: It appears this was for the month of May and is now over.