Saturday, November 01, 2008

SoD Quest Item Storage NPC to be Changed

A new NPC in the Guild Lobby, Flavin Deeppockets, will hold on to some of your SoD quest items for you. This will save you some bank space. Just hand him an item and he will hold it. It will cost you 1 doubloon per item to get an item back. He is east of the magus.

He is soon to be changed, however:
Sorry it took so long to get back on this, but I had to do some research on what was and wasn't possible in the system before I could make a determination.

The SoD quest NPC will be changed to use chronobines instead of doubloons and will buy any of your quest items for 1 chronobine as well. So you'll only ever actually be losing chronobines if you're buying an item you've destroyed or lost in some other maner.

It's important to note that he won't purchase the combined pieces, only the individual quest rewards.

-Ryan, EQ Lead Designer

The full thread is here.