Friday, January 16, 2015

SOE Network Issues Continue into Second Day

Coinciding with the release of SOE's new game H1Z1, SOE began experiencing network issues on Thursday, January 15.   Issues continue into Friday, with the SOE forums still unreachable at times.

Players have reported being unable to log into EverQuest.  The SOE forums are intermittent.  Gameplay is also affected, with lag spikes and players being kicked out of the game.

SOE response to these issues has been very limited, with only a few posts stating they are aware of issues.  On Thursday night, SOE posted a thread, "Continued Login Issues", on their forum, however, accessing it is problematic.

The EverQuest Facebook page, which would seem a good place to update people since the forums are intermittent, has little to say other than a post made yesterday saying they are investigating.

The EverQuest Twitter account also has the same message, with no update.

The best public response from anyone at SOE is SOE President John Smedley's Twitter account, which is stated to not represent SOE and seems to be focused only on H1Z1.

It appears that the launch of H1Z1 is the cause of this problem, since most or all of SOE's games share the same network and login servers.  However, SOE's lack of communication makes it difficult to know for sure.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arx Mentis Ornament Prices to Drop, Will Appear in Raid Chests

From a post by Roshen, EQ Community Manager, on the SOE EQ forum:
Hey all,

Thanks for your feedback on the Arx Mentis Ornaments. We do want these to be exclusive and a neat bonus for raiders, but we don't want them to be so rare that you never see anyone wearing them.

The price on the Arx Mentis Ornament pieces are being adjusted on Researcher Orbiana. We're bringing Arx Energy Crystals prices down on these cosmetic items, and scaling them a bit. For example boots will be cheaper than a chest or robe.

We're also adding these to Arx Mentis raid chests. : )
Additional information:
 The current plan is to add this as an additional drop to the raid chest for Arx Mentis raid encounters.