Monday, April 27, 2015

"Daybreak Week" Bringing 50% Bonus XP

From "It's Daybreak Week! Help Us Celebrate!":
Want to level up a bit quicker than normal in the game that started it all? Hop in to EQ for 50% Bonus XP, starting at 12AM PDT April 27th and running through 11:59PM PDT May 4th. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mercs Reported as Not Working on Balanced

Reports are coming in that, since the patch of April 22, mercenaries do nothing when placed on the Balanced stance.

DBG responded on April 22 to the reports with this post:
Regarding the caster mercenaries, the dev team has been looking into it since the initial reports on test but since none of the changes that were pushed to test/live from beta are directly related to the mercenary systems it's proven to be a bit of a mystery.
Regardless, we'll be poking at all the things until its fixed.
(Professor's voice) Good news, everyone!
We've tracked down the cause of the mercenary weirdness and are working on the fix now.

A temporary workaround until we patch out a fix is to re-sort the stance list by clicking the blue 'Stance' text at the top of the Manage Mercenary window and then selecting the stance you want the mercenary to take.

Essentially the bug is causing the first option in the stance list to put the mercenary into 'Passive' mode regardless of what stance is listed first.

Thank you to all the players who reported the issue and mentioning that re-ordering the stances fixed it for you, that helped immensely in tracking this one down. 
*** Hotfix ***

- Addressed an issue where the first stance in the Mercenary Manage window would not take effect when trying to set it as the active stance.