Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heart of Fear Beta Officially Opens

From EverQuest - Community News:
Well, that moment is now. We are opening up Beta today – Officially! If you have signed up for Beta with Rain of Fear and/or Shadow of Fear, you can get into the last saga of the Rain of Fear, the Heart of Fear.

The Heart of Fear is a story that started with the House of Thule Expansion in 2010. It continued with the Veil of Alaris in 2011 and has carried through the Rain of Fear expansion in November. We have subsequently delivered the final chapters of this plot in the Shadow of Fear Game Update in April and you discover the climactic ending within the Heart of Fear coming this July.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All Extended Target AAs to be Auto Granted in July

Elidroth, EQ Developer, posted on the SOE EQ forum:
Just a heads up.. I'm auto-granting these AA starting with the July game update. This is a UI feature and really doesn't belong locked behind gameplay.

No AA points will be refunded if you've already purchased these in the past.

Before anyone asks, we want to do the same with Leadership AA, but this is something out of my control, and will require code time to implement properly. It IS however, on our to-do list.

Beta Server for Rain of Fear Tier 4 Update Up, Unofficially

From the SOE EQ forum comes the news that the Beta Server is up, but not officially.  Those who were in the Beta for Rain of Fear / Shadow of Fear should be able to check it out.

The usual rules and cautions apply, nothing is set in stone yet.

The Beta forums will be up for those in the Beta, once SOE officially opens Beta.

Important Ssraeszhian Armor Bug Fix Coming In July

Posted by Elidroth, EQ Developer, on the SOE EQ forum:
As many of you know, the Hero's Forge Ssraeszhian Armor was mistakenly flagged as being usable by all classes for all armor types. While this is a situation we need to fix, at the same time we don't want to penalize those of you who have already acquired some of this armor. As a result, the following solution will go into effect with the release of the July game update:

All existing pieces of armor will be renamed, and will no longer drop from NPCs in Norrath. We will NOT be removing these from the world, and anyone who has these pieces now may keep them. A new set of identical looking, but correctly flagged armor will begin dropping in its place. Achievements will also be revised to point to the new replacement armor.