Thursday, October 05, 2006

TSS Rank 2 Spell Drops Increased

To address some issues with spell rarity and location I made the following changes to spell drops:

Effectively doubled the rate that spells drop

Changed it so that each NPC that can drop spells can theoretically drop 4 spells at a time (although the odds of getting 4 spells are very very very very remote)

Changed it so that each NPC that can drop a spell of a given level can now drop all spells from that level. So instead of one spot to get a level 72 Mage spell, you can now go to any spot that drops level 72 spells and potentially get a Mage spell.

We hope that this will address any issues with the spell drops. The expansion is still very young so it will probably be a while of watch-and-wait before we make any further changes to how spells drop in TSS for Teir 2.

- Nodyin, EQ Developer
Full thread is here.