Monday, November 21, 2011

New Guild Hall Soon to be Available for Platinum

In response to player outrage over the lack of a new style of guild hall obtainable without spending Station Cash, SOE responded:
Hey folks,

I wanted to post here and let you know the status of Guild Halls.  With the release of the expansion, Guild Halls beyond the basic model were always intended to be available as an addition through Station Cash. We wanted to deliver the core functionality (placing your guildhall in a neighborhood and being able to place objects in the guild hall as you choose) to everyone, along with cosmetic options available through the Marketplace as upgrades.

Based on some of your posts it seems there was some confusion about whether any new Guild Halls would be available for platinum. We have decided to add another Guild Hall in addition to the ones we have available already in a future content patch, probably the December patch, but as this is still in the development process we can't quite confirm the exact timing yet. The new Guild Hall will be made available in game through purchase with platinum. We greatly look forward to seeing all the creative efforts of the housing community, either with the current Guild Halls or the one forthcoming.


EverQuest Community Manager

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