Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Major Changes to Task and Mission Experience Beginning November 15

There are several changes being made.  Of importance right away, banked HoT and VoA group missions need to be claimed before November 15 or no experience will be granted.  Banked HoT and VoA solo missions will give less experience if claimed after November 15.  "Banking" such rewards has become a common way to get a head start on new expansions.

HoT and VoA Group mission rewards banked before November 15 will not grant any experience, and HoT and VoA solo mission reward experience will be reduced, if claimed after November 15.

More changes are being made:
  • Experience Rewards
    • For group tasks not in instanced zones, experience will be awarded to all group members within 300' of the final step in the Task. This is usually a Hail or Delivery, and in the few cases where a Task ended on killing a NPC these tasks will receive an additional step.
    • For group Tasks in an instanced mission, Task experience will be handed out upon opening of the chest. Experience will be shared with group members within 300' of the chest.
    • Characters will need to be living at the time experience is awarded, please make sure to resurrect anyone in the party who may have met an untimely end before you trigger the experience award.
  • Other Rewards
    • All rewards other than experience including progression flags, coin, and any items will be shared as they always have been. No changes to rewards other than experience are being implemented.
  • House of Thule Experience Changes
    • As stated above, House of Thule Tasks (solo and group) are currently awarding too much experience. Experience for House of Thule Tasks will be reduced by approximately 50%.
Given these changes we highly recommend claiming any unclaimed Task rewards before November 15. If you claim previously completed Tasks after November 15, your awards will be affected in the following ways:
  • Previously completed Solo Tasks will receive the modified experience rewards.
  • Previously completed Group Tasks will receive no experience reward, as the Task Rewards will have been significantly modified.
Read the entire post, as well as further explanations, on the SOE forum thread.

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