Thursday, November 10, 2011

HoT Armor Prices and Deadly Guild Lobby Virus to Change in First Patch after VoA

Two changes that are coming to EQ in the first patch after VoA is released (exact date unknown, assumed to be mid December).

First, the prices for NPC armor templates for House of Thule armor will be reduced:
This is a valid request in light of the lowered priced on VOA templates. I was already planning to lower the costs but it won't be done before launch. You should see the changes in the first patch after launch.
Next,  Virulent Pustules / Contagious Pustules will no longer spread among players in the Guild Lobby:
As amusing as this "feature" is, I will be closing the loophole that is allowing people to bring it to the guild lobby. This will happen in the first patch after the expansion launches.

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