Thursday, September 01, 2011

Older Focus Effects Will Not Be Increased When Level Cap Raised

Veil of Alaris will include an increase of the level cap to 95. Currently dropping focus effects degrade when used for spells above level 90 (or lower). In the past, SOE has gone back to the previous expansion when there was a level increase and changed some of the focus effects on the older items. This enabled them to still be useful.

This time SOE has announced that they will not do so for Veil of Alaris.

From this thread on the SOE forum:
I spoke with the Dev team at length about this issue today, and there was a lot of discussion including what our historical actions in this regard have been, how doing so would relatively effect casters (with their disproportionate power gain at the begining [sic] of expansions due to spells being easier to aqquire [sic] than gear) vs. melees, and a number of other issues.

After weighty consideration, and possibly a bit of shouting, the Dev team has decided in this case to not increase the caps on current focus effects.


-Piestro, EverQuest Community Manager

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