Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hotfix Under Development For Patch Issues

A number of bugs from the July 20 patch are due to be resolved with an upcoming hotfix. Some quotes from SOE Devs and Programmers on these issues:

An update:

Going to hotfix all of this [melee beneficial ability duration timers]. Putting changes in-place currently, we'll test them out, and then it'll get scheduled. I'm hopeful we can do all this without bringing the servers down (thanks to some recent SKlug magic).

Working on a hotfix for the AA issues in this thread including melee's beneficial ability durations being shorter than they should.

Also working on the illusion issues and HT issues.

Update.. The Beastlord illusions issues with things that turn you into the image of your warder can't be hotfixed because they're actually hard coded fun. So those issues will have to wait until we can patch and bring the servers down. Pretty much everything else can be hotfixed.

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