Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SOE Announces "Hardcore Heritage" Temporary Zone Revamps in May, June, and July

From EQ Players site:

Are you ready to revisit some of your favorite classic zones and experience all new challenges? Well Hardcore Heritage is almost here!

Hardcore Heritage, one of our yearly events where we revisit some older zones and update them to provide a more challenging environment, is coming to a server near you soon! Spread over the months May to July, you'll have an opportunity to visit the old stomping grounds with entirely new foes to battle.

The schedule for events is as follows:

5/23 – 6/12

Blackburrow (Level 80)
Cazic Thule (Level 80)


Lower Guk (Level 85)
Unrest (Level 85)


Crushbone (Level 90)
?????????? (Level 90)

This year we're presenting two newly revamped zones, Crushbone and one other yet to be announced. Nostalgia and loot will abound, make sure you stop by and visit all the old spots from Trainer Hill to Emperor Crush's throne room itself! There's even a new challenge for two to three groups of players, can you defeat Emperor Crush and his stalwart allies?

How will you handle the might of the Crushbone Orcs? Check back in the coming weeks as we reveal the final exciting zone to receive a revamp this year. We're positively chilly with anticipation!

The sentence, "We're positively chilly with anticipation!", already has people guessing that the mystery zone will be a cold one.

Note that it has already been announced that the revamped Crushbone will not cause any faction problems with the Indigo Brotherhood that the normal zone does:

I've been informed (and given permission to relay) that they have already made sure that everything is KoS and nothing will have a faction hit in the Super Uber Crushbone.

-- Rasper, EQ Community Leader

UPDATE: The mystery level 90 zone coming in July may be Permafrost! A astute player pointed out that SOE Game Designer Julie “Ellie” Burness hinted towards it during her Q and A session:

What would EverQuest be without dragon slaying? Some of the most memorable moments in EQ's history have come about from dragon encounters. Funny you should mention Lady Vox, as she was the first dragon I ever helped kill so long ago. It's good that she has not been forgotten, as I can assure you, her presence is still very relevant, as you may soon see in the coming summer months! ;)

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