Thursday, March 24, 2011

SOE Responds to Anniversary Quest Spawn Problems

Finally, after many complaints for a number of days by players, SOE responds:

For this anniversary we decided to try something new for the players. We included some of the standard quests and events that players have come to expect from our anniversary events. These events reward players as normal. In addition to these standard events we created an event where there are chase items. By the nature of chase items, not everyone will get them, and there will be competition for these items. We felt this brings back some of the nostalgia people have for original EverQuest where this was the norm. We also always intended to have this event happen every year during the anniversary so those who don’t get a chance to finish this year will have an opportunity in the future. All of this said, we see a few things we can do to improve the experience.

For the Mechamatic Guardian raid, we plan to increase the amount of adds that spawn, to help make the parts more available.

For the “Hunt the Shards” task, we intend to increase the amount of spawns available. Additionally, we plan to increase the chances that the rare items will spawn. This will decrease the chance of some of the common items spawning as a result.

We plan on hotfixing these changes either Thursday before prime time, or 4am Friday, depending on when testing can be completed.

Additionally, if you see someone obviously using a cheating program, send a petition. Please use the “Community Standards” option, and note the player that you believe is using a cheating program to cheat on this quest. Be sure to note the person doing it, not their bazaar mules. CS can look into this, and they can see suspicious behavior. Players that prove to be cheating will be dealt with as per normal CS policy for players caught cheating. Customer Service is already going through the logs and finding the most egregious and easily noticed players and dealing with them. Not all cheating is so obviously visible, but this one is VERY evident in the log files. Customer reports of these people will help us catch them faster, and may catch people we might miss just from reading the massive log files.

- Ngreth, EQ Developer

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