Friday, March 11, 2011

EverQuest 12th Anniversary Events Begin Monday March 14 *SOME DATES CHANGED*

Double XP:

From Monday March 14 to Wednesday March 16 and from Friday March 25 to Sunday March 27 they will be activating Double Experience.

More Rare Mobs:

From March 14 to March 16 and March 25 to March 27 you'll be seeing a lot more rare mobs too! During the periods of Double Experience, they'll be increasing the spawn rate of rare mobs as well.

Marketplace Deal of the Day:

Starting on March 16 and lasting until March 27, they'll have a deal every day on the Marketplace. They'll be announcing them the day they go on sale, so you'll have to check the EQplayers site or the Marketplace in game to find out.

In Game Events – 12 Days of excitement throughout Norrath!:

Starting on Tuesday Wednesday March 16, 2011 and lasting until Saturday March 26, 2011 Tuesday April 26, 2011 we'll celebrate our 12th Anniversary in game! Not only will we have everything from our previous anniversary celebrations (including quests, fabled spawns, and raids) but this year brings all new challenges to the lands of Norrath!

Read all about these events by going to SOE's official news web pages here:
EverQuest Turns 12!
Even More EverQuest 12th Anniversary Festivities!

UPDATE: Due to an error on SOE's part, the date posted that the celebrations would end was incorrect. I have updated it to reflect that it ends on Tuesday April 26, 2011. NOTE: SOE also says that it starts on Tuesday March 16, 2011. March 16 is a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. I am seeking comment from SOE on whether it starts on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, since it is now Tuesday and the events have not started, I'm assuming it starts Wednesday.

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