Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Avoiding Lost Dragon's Hoard Items

 Posted on the Daybreak forum on January 6, 2021 by klanderso, EQ Developer:

So here's what's happening generally when a player's Dragon's Hoard is loaded:

  1. You open your Dragon's Hoard window and it sends a message to the server, asking for a list of the items you have in your hoard
  2. The server asks the database for the items in your hoard
  3. The database loads those items and sends them to the server
  4. The server receives that data and sends it down to your window

In these cases, it looks like the server is still waiting for a response from the database and an item is deposited before getting that response (somewhere after step 1 and before step 4). When this happens, the server goes, "hang on, we got data from the player, we're not waiting on the database anymore!" and ignores the response from the database. This results in the items that were previously in your hoard being lost.

The only reason this is an issue is because we don't see much lag on internal environments. However, we've narrowed down the cause and have a fix slated for the next update. If you contact our customer support team ( they'll be able to re-add your missing items. When implementing the system, I made sure to have extremely verbose logging. And no, I didn't expect an issue like this to occur, but it's far better to be prepared with all the information, just in case.

In the meantime, the best way to avoid this is to wait for your Dragon's Hoard items to load, count to five, and then you can do whatever you'd like with it.     

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