Thursday, December 13, 2018

Daybreak Bans "Farming" Missions/HAs

In a hotly contested thread on the Daybreak forums, Ngreth, EQ Developer, states:
Purposely avoiding a lockout or replay timer is an exploit, especially when doing so to repeatedly farm something, be it items, exp, faction, whatever. — Ngreth, EQ Developer
Another post by him with more details is here.

A great many questions are still being posted in the thread here.

UPDATE:  Ngreth corrected his statement when the following was brought up as being said previously by EQ developer Phathom:
We want to move some of the Experience gains to the completion of a Heroic Adventure. Currently, the lion's share of the experience obtained from a Heroic Adventure comes from killing relatively easy NPCs and we'd rather it be from the more meaningful components of completing the task's objectives. It will still be possible to chain a particular Heroic Adventure to look for a rare or collection item so long as the task is dropped before completion, but that shouldn't also be the best way to get experience.

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