Friday, March 14, 2014

Double XP and Lockout Reduced Weekend Friday, March 14 to Sunday, March 16 [March 20 for Lockout]

From the Happy Birthday EverQuest! post on the SOE EQ forum by Thom Terrazas, EQ Producer:
Bonus XP Weekend!

Starting on Friday, March 14, we will have a Bonus XP weekend that runs through Sunday, March 16. Remember that Bonus XP will vary for some players with all the XP modifiers in game and with XP Potions available. While we call it bonus, it will be double XP for most players.

Lockout Timers Reduced!

Also starting Friday March 14, Lockout timers will be significantly reduced through March 20th! More loot for everyone! Stay tuned for messaging about rare mobs spawning more often in the next week.
UPDATE: SOE announced more details:
Bonus XP will start in about 30mins (~noon Pacific time [Friday]). It'll end Sunday at midnight.

Lockout Timer Reduction will reduce lockouts by 30%. This will also start in about 30mins (~noon Pacific time [Friday]) and end at midnight at Thurs, March 20.
UPDATE AGAIN:  SOE announcement (same info as above in a direct statement).

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