Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Veil of Alaris Launch Events To Be Extended

Although mentioned in the August 10, 2011 patch, little is known about the Pre-Veil of Alaris Launch Events.

Meeka Gharn in the Plane of Knowledge was known to offer the "Only The Blind Will See" task but the reward was a weapon ornamentation that few wanted. Now it appear that task is needed to be completed to request another task from him, a group task that awards a range item.

The task, "Baga's Stand" can be done without completing "Only The Blind Will See", as only the person requesting it needs to have done that.

Currently, there is a bug with the reward, if you have the reward in your Dreamweave Satchel, and claim the reward again, your Dreamweave Satchel will vanish!

Also, the range item does not have a Dodge focus, this is likely to be fixed in a patch soon.

Read more about this on the SOE forums thread.

UPDATE posted on the SOE forum:
Due to an issue affecting a very small number of users, we have decided to extend the availability of the quest “Only the Blind Will See” through Tuesday, September 6, 2011, to make sure everyone who wants to participate in the pre-Veil of Alaris launch fun can experience this unique quest. Not only that, but for those unfortunates who don’t get a chance to do this quest, we’ll be adding the final reward for this quest to the upcoming Veil of Alaris Launch Event.

Can you help Meeka Gharn find the truth of the ancient book? Log in to EQ and find out today!

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