Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 13 Patch Causes Download Problems

The April 13 patch has caused many people to be unable to download and play EQ.

One possible fix is to use the latest new LaunchPad (LP3 or LaunchPad v3). This may be obtained at

Here is some advice for installing LP3:

Even better than this, especially when your EQ folders, like mine, do not directly reside in the default folders SOE uses.

1. Run the launcher install program. On the first screen, where it asks you where your EQ folder is, DO NOT use the default path, use the path where your actual EQ folder is (in my case it's both C:\EQ and M:\EQ , since I run one account per actual EQ folder).

2. Let the setup run itself, log in and whatever...

3. When it starts checking for data, cancel it right away, and go to options. (otherwise you'd end up downloading all 6.5GB) Click the Scan button besides "Game Assets" a few lines under the Open Folder button. Wait.

4. When scanning is done, close the options page, and resume the checks.

For multiple accounts, do not check the "Remember this login blahblah" on the screen where it asks for your username and password. If that is checked, LaunchPad will skip the login screen and go straight to patching every time it runs; great for one standalone account, but horrible for multiples.

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