Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween Quest and Group Mission To Be Fixed, Will Re-Occur Thanksgiving Week

Last week our patch person, Aristo, was on vacation.

I tried to muddle through a hotfix.

It seems I got old data hotfixed into Plane of Knowledge.

We are working on a hotfix to get the proper data in. I am trying to streamline it to a few hours, but it may be as late 4am 11/3 (about 12 hours from this post)

We are also going to have this even re-occur thankgiving week since it had so many issues during its normal time.

- Ngreth, EQ Developer

From this SOE forums thread.



The Haunting of Norrath event will automatically end on November 7th. However, due to the issues experienced, the EQ team has decided to return the Haunting of Norrath over the period of November 22nd to November 30th.

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