Friday, January 05, 2007

EQ Players Issues

People using the EQ Players service have reported many problems. In a strange (for Sony) development, a status report has been issued.

We are starting the new year here at SOE, and we are commited to providing the best service we can for EQ Station Players. The service has most definitely not been abandoned, and we are currently working on support for the next expansion. We have continually been making improvements, but not announced them in the past. The feeling here has always been "Just one more fix, and then we do a big announcement", which is what has led to buttons showing up on pages with no explanation, or fixes slowly showing up with noone to explain why. We are changing that mentality, so that we have more open communication of the fixes coming out and so that you are more aware of the fact that we hear the issues you are bringing to us, and working on resolving them. In this thread, I will create a list of known issues which we are tracking and try to keep you up to date on the status of those things. Please let us know about any issues you are seeing, and please let us know if there is something you would like to see that you aren't. This service is ultimately for our players, and your feedback is essential to keep it that way.

David Bennett

This is a list of known issues. This list is to track system-wide issues which are causing problems for many or all of our customers, if your individual issue does not show up in this list that does not mean we are ignoring it, we deal with individual issues through Private Messages or posts.

Known Issues:

1. My Character Doesnt Show Up - This is a known issue which happens when people are restored from a delete, or get into a state which would cause us to mark them as deleted. We are working on removing any situation where your character is not restored in both places, but until then you need to email your Character Name, Server Name, and Station Name to
2. Not all TSS Items are showing up.
3. /paperdoll does not always work, and the saved image does not upload correctly.
4. The Test Server is not populating data into EQ Players.


1. On Leaderboards - instead of sorting by Flying Kick Skill, sort by Flying Kick Worn Mods.
2. A List of all Item Stat Mod totals.
3. Profile Items link to Item Details, instead of Character Inventory.

David Bennett
The full thread is here.

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