Friday, February 03, 2012

Merc Healer Fixes Coming Soon(tm)

Currently on Test Server:
*** Mercenaries ***
- Several changes have been made to Healer Mercenaries:
- After level 85, healer mercenaries no longer cast the Promised or Elixir lines of spells. These spells may return in the future when mercenaries learn to cast them more effectively.
- After level 75, healer mercenaries no longer cast Complete Heal.
- When at full health and mana, healer mercenaries will no longer sit.
- Healer mercenaries now respond more quickly when the main tank in their group enters combat.
- The power of the healer mercenaries' spells have been slightly increased.
- The Reactive stance has been modified to favor constantly casting direct heals without regard for mana cost.
- Note: At the moment, mercenaries have trouble healing players that have high-HP regen buffs on them. Until this changes, avoid using spells such as Splendrous Guardian, Spiritual Enrichment, or Promised Renewal if you want your mercenary to heal you. [Bold added]
In addition, from Elegist, EQ Developer in the same thread:
In general, the healer mercenaries have trouble handling most regen buffs or deferred heals. The code fix for this appears to be relatively simple, but we have to make sure our changes don't adversely affect other aspects of mercenary behavior. We are trying to put in a fix for this by the time Free-to-Play goes live. Until then, though, if you are having trouble getting your mercenaries to heal you, try dropping some of your regen buffs or not using deferred heals. If you can, experiment with different healing spell combinations and post your findings. [Bold added]

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