Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Many Questions Remain on Free-to-Play, Some Answered

The biggest controversy surrounds the "Recruit-A-Friend" (RAF) program, which promised bonus experience "forever" if you or your friend created a linked account.    With Free-to-Play (f2p), SOE announced that "forever" really means, "until we change our minds".

Since a number of people opened new accounts, spending hard earned money to do so, solely on the basis that they would gain the bonus experience, they are rather upset.

SOE's current response seems to be "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware).

They also claim that code limitations prevent RAF from working with EQ once they enable f2p, even on paying accounts.   They continue to refuse to refund money spent by those who were deceived into thinking "forever" means what claims.

In addition to the RAF issues, Piestro, EverQuest Community Manager, also commented on some other questions:
Game code and mechanics. We're still looking into ways around the code limitations [preventing RAF from working]. Our goal is the middle of this week for an update on the situation, even if it will be "still trying".

Veteran Rewards: Free and silver accounts will accrue time.

Fellowship XP sharing: I'll defer to the devs on this one, I suspect yes to at least join and share xp. I'd expect them to be able to create fellowships as well but am not sure.

Loyalty: The maximum earning rate (velocity) for free and silver accounts is capped at a significantly lower value, but they will still accrue loyalty points. Bags of plat will not be exploitable under the system though.

Character and Server Transfers: As far as I am aware these will be allowed as normal. It hasn't specifically come up in any meetings I've been a part of.

*These statements are a reflection of my understanding at the current time. During the final phases of implementation they may change.
All this and far, far more than you want to read of people complaining is in this thread on the SOE forum.

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