Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bugs and Fixes To Come

Several bugs have been reported over the past few weeks and SOE is working on fixing them.  In addition, some changes are coming to the tracking skill (no, druids and bards still won't get to sort, the Devs think a basic UI function is a "class skill").

  • Collection achievements have been giving far less experience than designed:
    You will receive approximately 20% of the XP that would be necessary for the level each collection is intended for, as well as another 20% for completion of the entire zone. Some collections also come attached with items and titles!

  • Collecting the Collection items is often impossible.
    I totally understand how frustrating it is to have the items slip right through your fingers and disappear into nothingness right when you think you've got it. This is the most critical issue for Collections, and we're working to get to the root of what's causing this bug ASAP.

  • Ancient Wurm Hide Robe item has incorrect focus.
    This was an error with the focus. It will be fixed in a future patch. 
  •  Pets and Mercs will be able to be hidden from tracking results sometime in the future.

  • Druid / Shaman Paralytic Spores AA Rank 2 is broken.  If you have Rank 1, it is recommended that you do not buy Rank 2 until it can be fixed.
    <@Elidroth> Paralytic Spores is on my list to fix already

  • The Charm of the Crystal Circle, reward for doing the Shard Experiences task, is bugged.
    Yes, the charm is broken. It was looking at quests unstead [sic] of faction. It will be fixed next patch.
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