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SOE Live 2012 - After Action Report: Addendum

Here are some additional things that are not in my SOE Live 2012 - After Action Report, which was posted here Tuesday, November 13, 2012.  Be sure to read the After Action Report linked above first.

EverQuest Next:

Although not really part of EverQuest, for those interested, it was announced that most of the work on EQ Next was basically thrown out (1.5 years wasted) and SOE is starting over.  It is still in the works.  They made a promise to show it at next year's convention.

SOE Live Video:

Here are some links to some video of SOE Live from Twitch TV:

Questions for the Devs:

Denlar, of the Omani Winter guild, was kind enough to take questions from various people and ask the ones he could of the EQ Developers.  Unfortantly, he could only speak to the Items and Collection Devs.  Here is a list of the questions and answers:

How long can the Audio triggers list be before it impacts performance?  Devs answer is no reported issues yet with large lists. Some players reported at the table having no issues with these.  [Editor's note: With the ability to now toggle your triggers on and off, this is less of an issue.]

Custom Avatar on Forum ? Devs answer only six available at present but more will be added one day.

Focus effects with RoF/ level 100:  Devs answer old gear NOT going up to 100 but staying at 95th level.

Increased guild hall space for items: Devs answer was sure that’s not hard at all. Well be taking at look at that this week to see how large it can be bumped up. He did not promise it before launch of course.

Guild banks to hold coins: Devs answer Very hard to do so unlikely at present.

Trade skills pertaining to cultural armor, opal bricks and AOAA’s: Devs answer they are already looking at this to make it easier, again not before release.

Key Ring pertaining to Brells Temple Keystone: Devs answer can be done not sure it was not, will be requested but as two expansions back likely not a high priority fix.  [Editor's note: Can confirm that the Keystone does NOT go on your Key Ring.  Also, it was requested by the players two expansions back, when Underfoot first came out.  The fact that the Devs never got around to doing it when we asked for it back then is not a good reason to claim it is now too old to be a priority...]

Tank mercs and root tanking: Devs answer NO , mercs are only a partial substitute for real players and will not be changed, they even killed off the EXPERT mercs because they want people to group with real people.

Handing a merc potions for Haste or buffs: See above

Increase Merc buff slots past 15: See above

Heroe's Forge Armors give us tribute or plat value: Devs answer already working on it , Tribute YES , plat value no. They stealth nerfed drop rates by 50% the last patch, they really overloaded system of armor at first.

Tribute running and players forgetting and it draining to 0: Devs answer first it’s obviously a issue players they can fix themselves easiest. They might make it possible to turn off tribute when a character logs easier than a player countdown message like mercs. They will look into it.

Line of sight for Enchanters and other targeting issues (blade of grass giving "you can't see target" message): Not able to get an answer on this.

Fix Confusing Constriction stacking: Not able to get an answer on this.

Door from new GH direct to old GH: Not able to get an answer on this.

Timers for our Auras: Not able to get an answer on this.

Pet Dyes: Devs answer is NO , but you will be getting new pet weapons an gear this expansion. They regretted allowing color dyes for players as that is something they could have Station Cashed these over free content that dyes are now.

Extra answers:

Rain of Fear will have the usual class only weapons and 1 new illusion mask of a new race.

No long quests like the Shawl in the Rain of Fear expansion.

15 of the 16 Epic ornamentation quests are done but last one takes a month more to do, so not ready anytime soon.  Of course, they started this with HoT two years ago, keeps getting pushed down list.

They agreed the PlanetSide 2 people were hard to hear talking at once and disappoint-lying long.

New cultural armor for this expansion, and again the orbs are not useable from older armors.

No new spell gems.

No word on EQ Players still.

Bigger bags than what we have now are possible and likely to be added eventually.

The two-handed caster staff in Oseka Time and Tides is working correctly and very powerful, expect to see more items like this in expansion.

Seven stat sets of gear basically, healers, melee dps, tanking, spell dps, and hybrid types. Each tier is flat out better, no getting stuck with a T3 gear neck because T4 was worse in VoA.

No new Headshot, Assassinate and Decapitate ranks this expansion.

EQ is aware of the VoA crashing issues in Valley and mostly tier 4 instances. The biggest suggestion they had besides a complete log out before zoning into those areas (a difficult thing when in a raid at the time) is to drop the Luclin models, and lower streaming textures. They are really running up to the limit of what 2 Gigs of RAM can do in these new VoA instances.  [Editor's note: Dropping Luclin models means you can't use a mount on the models you drop, which is something they seem to disregard, or maybe you are to drop only those models you don't play as characters.]

Group gear will not be as good as end tier raid gear for this expansion.

Chest emblems will be gone in RoF, the base items stats will just be higher in expansion.

The 12 group leaders for raiding bug is being looked at, this is a bug where once you invite 12 people into a raid who are not grouped, you can't add more to the raid until you put them into a group.

More Q&As:

Shea, also of the Omani Winter guild, asked the following:

How about sticking in armor mannequins for use in houses etc so you can display old suits of armor (fear/hate/ToV.. etc. etc.), especially for people who are doing hero's forge stuff: It is something they'd like to do and have looked into. It's not as easy as one would think but something that should be doable. It's on the list.

Better chat filters: Something that can be looked into but uses resources on server side and requires deep code diving which takes a lot of time/resources.

Splitting log files.. i.e. separate log files for regular chat stuff, battle spam, etc.: Should be doable and might be worth while. Someone said 'why not just do it with gameparse' and the response was... they would prefer not to rely on 3rd party software and who knows what might be coming in the future with client side parsing possibilities.

How about increasing the range on dmg/spell dmg messages to make parsing more accurate (asked by someone else): Would be very resource intensive, especially in some areas/events/raids so it is not likely to happen. Also there would be concerns about bandwidth issues.

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